6) Johnny Manziel

The saga of Johnny Manziel is the stuff of aggy legend and deserves its own section.

From storied recruit, to a full-out crazy 2012 season in which he won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman, to the off-season pay-for-autograph scandals that aggy did everything possible to cover up, to the less-than-impressive NFL Draft to the Cleveland Browns, to the absolute free-fall of his career both in and after the NFL… Johnny F**king Football epitomizes aggy failure like no one could ever have planned.

Manziel as an aggy

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Manziel as an NFL pro

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The sad, but predictable, downward spiral

Weekend at Johnny's

Weekend at Johnny’s

Bleacher Report did an pretty damning article: Weekend at Johnny’s

It occurs to me that his personal and professional struggles have some things in common. On the football field, as in life, he was always able to shut out the noise—the hecklers and doubters—and trust his instincts. He was able to do what he wanted in the moment and get by on his skill and connections. He was able to do it longer than almost anyone, too. There are stories of him skipping film sessions in college and still winning, of him showing up to practice in jeans and still dominating. But adulthood, like the NFL, doesn’t work that way.[1]”Weekend at Johnny’s”, Bleacher Report, http://thelab.bleacherreport.com/weekend-at-johnny-s/

Oh lawd.


1 ”Weekend at Johnny’s”, Bleacher Report, http://thelab.bleacherreport.com/weekend-at-johnny-s/