6) Reveille

Reveille, the “First Lady of aggyland”, is the official mascot of aggy.[1]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reveille_(dog)

(note: this section is under construction and will be filled out soon)

Head of the aggy Corps

Yes. A dog. A “five star general”.

While there have been many Reveille’s over the years, the original one was a poor girl hit by a car driven by a bunch of yokel aggy, most likely scouring the local farms for “dates”.

There is an actual position (the “Mascot Corporal”) who is responsible for her care/feeding – going to class with this sophomore, out on “dates” (no declaration of species), and even home on holidays.

And yes, we’re totally serious when we said she’s a “five star general”. She has five silver diamonds on her collar – while the Corps Commander only has four.


If “Miss Rev” barks while in class with her handler, class is supposed to be dismissed – although it is up to the professor. I can only imagine the incoming ridicule any professor would receive from the rabid Korps members if they didn’t. Geebus.

I sleeps where I wants

If she falls asleep on a cadet’s bed, that Kiddie Korps member has to find somewhere else to sleep, since she technically outranks him.

Dead Dog Scoreboard

(more to come), but yes. They have a scoreboard outside Kroger Stadium for the graveyard of dead dogs.

Heavy Petting

When Jimbo Fisher was first brought into the aggy fold, there was some (almost softcore porn) desires to see if Reveille would like him or not, actually begging for photos of Jimbo petting the dog and photographic evidence of the rapturous joy on both of their faces.

“Animal Husbandry” indeed.